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Gift items

A careful selection of gifts for all occasions with which you will surprise the loved ones. Great assortment of gifts for Christmas, Father's Day, Mother, etc ...

In our shop you will find a category where to locate the most recommended products are religious tiles, coat stands, weather vans, pens, watches, etc.

All of them top quality products.

Ham supports

Section forging ham hams to cut comfortably rustic style as in all our products.

Forging wall silhouette

Wrought iron wall sculptures. Variety of models. Forging craft items.

Metal pencil pot

Metal pencil pot made ​​by hand forging. Variety of models and decorations. Wrought iron pen holder

Iron wall coat racks

Handcrafted iron wall coat racks. Variety of models and decorations. See color chart in the category.

Thematics wall coat racks

Handcrafted wall hangers with forging. Variety of models and decorations. See color chart in the category.


Buy paperweight with rustic wrought iron designs. Cutouts as bulls, Leg, horses or pigs. Great for gifts.

Rustic wall clocks

Rustic wall clocks handcrafted wrought iron. Wide variety of sizes and themes.

Wrought iron weather vane

Wrought iron weather vane are handcrafted. Over 40 models and two sizes to choose from.

Tiles religious

Religious articles in ceramics. Variety of religious tiles available in three sizes, with accessories like fittings, chapels and lanterns.

Gift items