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Wrought iron furniture

Wrought iron furniture to decorate your rustic settings.

A range of rustic decor items made of wrought iron craft. This category of furniture forging provides a wide variety of products to decorate your indoor spaces and outdoor. From terraces, gardens, bedrooms, living rooms, entrance room, with all this furniture will forge the needs met. And always with the highest quality that offers Rustiluz as lighting specialist and rustic furnishings.

All wrought iron furniture can order them with the color you like from our color chart, so that your wrought iron bed, headboard forging, forging tables or chairs or other furniture forging you harmonize your space the result is to your liking. We can advise for you to choose either the color and model of your wrought iron furniture.

Forged iron lecterns

Forged iron lecterns made in a completely handmade process. These wrought iron furniture have 2 models available.

Banks forge

Banks forging for decorating parks, gardens, avenues, terraces, schools ... Urban furniture.

Wrought Iron Foot Stool

Benches made ​​of wrought iron. Variety of models. See color chart. Wrought iron handicrafts.

Forging barbecues

In this category you can find barbecues forging 3 models of barbecues handcrafted that will bring a touch on your terrace and garden.

Forged Bottle racks

Bottle racks and jamoneras hander made ​​by hand. Various models and decorations. See color chart.

Wrought iron headboards

Meet our handcrafted wrought iron headboards and the ability to paint with any color from our chart.

Wrought iron beds

Section rustic decorative bedding products. Some original iron beds that give personality to your bedroom and a sofa-bed also forging so your guests.

Hall furniture

Wrought iron hall furniture forging craft receivers. Composed table and mirror. Wide range of models and decorations. See color chart.

Wrought iron Shelves

Wrought iron Shelves and forged bakers racks. Variety of models. See color chart. Forge handcrafted.

Wrought iron Valet stands

Wrought iron Valet stands manufactured handmade. See color chart.

Tables forging

Factory of tables forgingmade to your taste in dimensions and shape.

Wide range of models and decorations. Best Prices.

Bedside tables & cabinet

Decorate your bedroom with bedside tables & cabinet made in wood and wrouhgt iron. Variety of models, styles and decorations.

Floor magazine rack

Floor magazine rack handcrafted in wrought iron. 3 models to choose from. Ideal for decorating with your rustic or eclectic style environments.

Wrought iron chairs.

Large online catalog of wrought iron chairs and armchairs forging. You forging shop Rustiluz internet.

Wrought iron floor towel rack

Wrought iron floor towel rack. Variety of models and decorations. See color chart into categories.

Wrought iron furniture