Tiles religious

Religious articles in ceramics. Variety of religious tiles available in three sizes, with accessories like fittings, chapels and lanterns.azulejos-religiosos-es

Decorative ceramics

Handmade pottery made ​​and decorated entirely by hand. Complemented with flowerpots forging rope.ceramica-decorativa-es




Shop online pictures and paintings. Decorative and modern paintings for your home. Dress your walls thanks to our selection of pictures. cuadros-es

Wicker wardrobe

Great variety of games handmade wicker wardrobes. Great store decoration items. roperos-de-mimbre-es

Rulers dressmaking

Materials for sewing, pattern making and tailor. We have rulers dressmaking, teams with armhole armholes, hip templates, etc.reglas-de-patronaje-es

Ceiling fans

Buy ceiling fans with high quality and best price. Some models include fans luminaire. A wide selection of fan models.ventiladores-de-techo-es




Gift items

Great selection of gifts for all occasions, very original. Highlighting the weathercocks, religious tiles and themed coat racks.


Hookah bowls ceramic

The best ceramic hookah bowls made by hand on the potter's wheel. Low consumption and for kaloud.


Sinks for kitchens and bathrooms

Sinks of sinks or sinks for kitchens, bathrooms, barbecues, Sinks or sinks for kitchens and bathrooms, in a very original and cozy rustic style. For indoors and outdoors.


Ceramic garlic graters

Section to the garlic scrapers, a curious and practical kitchen utensil that is also very decorative.